Signs you need to call a plumber immediately

We hate to break it to you but you could be facing some serious plumbing issues without even realising it. Most of us wait till we face a crisis, such as a water shortage or a flooding before we call in the experts. But the Plumbing Heroes at ServisHero recommend you keep an eye out […]

2 months ago

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

February 14th is especially special for all the couples who can take the opportunity to show the special someone in their life that they truly care (Of course if you ask us, we think every day should be an excuse to shower your loved ones with love and affection). If you’re someone scrambling to get something […]

2 months ago

Essential Cleaning Tricks for your Home

We have put together some brilliant advice for keeping your house clean and they’re all really quick and easy to do.  Send those dirt and germs packing with these genius tips.   The microwave Squeeze out some soap onto a wet sponge and get a good amount of foam by rubbing it. Put the sponge […]

2 months ago

Making Chinese New Year Memorable for Family and Friends

With Chinese New Year just around the corner, it’s easy to get muddled in the rush of preparations and forget the true meaning of CNY – which is bringing families together and praying for a bright prosperous year. But in the midst of all the preparations, it is easy to lose track of what is […]

2 months ago

Our Heroes Favourite Moments of Chinese New Year

  Contributed by Cleaning Commandos. A specialist in house cleaning and post renovation cleaning. They do their best to help customers clean their houses before the big deadline by working hard to win customers trust with their ultimate goal to become the most recognisable brand name in Kuala Lumpur.    Contributed by Azmimam Enterprise, a specialist for repairing and […]

2 months ago

Keeping Your Home Safe this Chinese New Year

Thinking of jetting off this Chinese New Year? It’s a long weekend and the perfect time for families to travel. While you might be preoccupied with packing or planning your reunion, don’t forget to take some extra precaution to protect yourself and your family this CNY season. Here’s a few tips we have for you […]

2 months ago

Popular Chinese New Year Beliefs from our Heroes

The Ferocious Beast – Nian No list of fun facts about Chinese New Year would be complete without mentioning the monster! Tradition says that Nian, a ferocious beast who preys on humans, emerges from his hiding place on New Year’s Eve, but is frightened off by the red decorations and banners! Contributed by My Asia […]

2 months ago

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner Checklist

Chinese New Year brings with it family reunions, elaborate dinners and also a never-ending list of chores you need to do to make sure the celebrations go smoothly. Getting a little overwhelmed with everything you need to get done before ushering in the New Year? We have created a checklist to help you keep track […]

2 months ago

Why We Celebrate Chinese New Year

Why do people celebrate CNY? Although the start of the Lunar New Year is decorated with legends and stories explaining the start of the Chinese New Year Festival, the two main reasons of celebration are:     To celebrate a year of hard work and good harvest     To relax and spend time with family before wishing for […]

2 months ago

How to Live by the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

When the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year was announced, we couldn’t agree more on a better choice of colour that represents our current cultural climate. ‘Greenery’ is a colour that signifies the growing urge to escape technology and to reestablish the relationship with nature and what is real. The colour speaks to our need […]

3 months ago