When to Get AC Servicing?

Fri 28 Jan, 2022


Your air conditioner unit is like other machinery that requires regular maintenance and tune-up for optimal performance. Checking in on your unit from time to time will most likely extend its life and reduce the number of breakdowns.

Let's get into some information that will help you understand aircon servicing better!

When should I get AC serviced?

If you haven't serviced your AC unit in a while, you might start to notice problems like limited airflow, warm air or rancid smells. You might also detect strange sounds, leaks or temperature increases. These are signs that your AC is overdue for a service.

Ideally, if you are getting your aircon serviced regularly, these are problems that will not occur.

How often is AC service needed?

As a general rule of thumb, getting your aircon serviced at least once a year is a good practice. However, in Malaysia, you might be using your AC daily because of the hot weather. As such, a service every six months is recommended.

Also, your environment and how old your aircon is will affect the frequency of services needed. For example, if you live in a more dusty environment, have an older aircon, your unit has to work hard to cool your room, and thus, will require more frequent services.

Is it necessary to service AC every year?

It is recommended to have your air conditioner annually serviced to maintain it regularly. Also, consider getting them checked before the hottest months to avoid a breakdown when you need them most.

When you service your AC unit regularly, you will reduce the dust and grime built up in the machine. You also improve the air quality being channelled into your home and, subsequently, your health because you will not be inhaling dust.

You will also allow your machine to provide better cooling while being energy efficient. By doing so, you're able to save electricity, and you won't overwork your device.

To put it simply, servicing your unit at least once a year will ensure that:

  • Your aircon releases clean air in your home or office space
  • Your aircon has a long life span
  • Your aircon uses less electricity.
  • You help keep the environment clean as refrigerant leakages are less likely to happen

What happens if AC is not serviced?

To put it simply, when your AC is not serviced for long periods, the components inside will get dirty and clogged. As a result, it will eventually break down because the unit will have to work harder to compensate.

Continuously using your AC without servicing it will result in components breaking down and even reducing your unit's useful life. You will soon have to replace your unit if this happens.

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Tips to service your AC yourself

You can keep your AC unit working well between service appointments with a few simple tricks. Air conditioner cleaning is not difficult. The following steps will help you keep components clean and reduce breakdowns.

Change the air filter

Your air filter is meant to filter out dust, dirt and any other polluting particles that come through. However, the filter gets clogged over time and regularly needs to be cleared out. The filter needs to be checked once a month and cleaned out. Also, consider getting it replaced every three months.

Getting adequate airflow through the components will allow the AC unit to cool air quicker and require less power. You'll also be able to avoid problems like freezing or AC blowing out warm air.

Assess the performance of your AC

Monitor the performance and notice how well your AC is working because it will let you know if something is wrong and requires attention. First, turn off all the power supply to your unit, then check the blades, the coils and the refrigerant for leaks, dust build-up or rust.

You can also check if the air blowing out is cool enough by turning it on and then putting a thermometer near the outflow of air to see if it's reaching the necessary temperature. Give your machine a few minutes to power up and circulate before checking the thermometer.

Maintain clean condenser area

Your condenser area is the portion of your AC located outside your home where the air is sucked in to be cooled and then blown into your home. Being located outside, there can be a build-up of leaves and debris that collects on your condenser unit.

Other times, you might even have pests adding to the dirt or tampering with the electrical wiring. Check on your condenser unit and keep the area around it clean. Wipe down to keep it clean and performing well.

Clean the vents

This is a crucial yet often overlooked task. Aircon vents should be cleaned every 90 days or so. To clean the vents:

  1. Unscrew and remove them
  2. Wipe away dirt and other buildups with a soft cloth
  3. Vacuum the ducts to remove as much dust as possible

Cleaning the vents doesn’t only ensure AC efficiency. It also helps reduce dust particles circulating in your home.

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How can professional aircon service help?

Professional aircon services help by checking all the components to ensure they are working correctly. A trained technician can properly replace parts that are faulty or broken.

Besides the general clearing, professional services will also provide a chemical clean to wash away built-up grime in the components of your unit. They will also refill cooling gas during the servicing if it has depleted.

Additionally, professional aircon service companies are also able to provide maintenance contracts and schedule regular inspection and system maintenance so that you don’t have to worry about making appointments for the next service times.

What should a professional aircon service include?

A professional aircon service should generally include checking the following:

  • Blower
  • Motor
  • Drainline
  • Operating pressures
  • Aircon coils and fins
  • Temperatures
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Compressor
  • Supply lines and connections

How much does AC maintenance cost?

There are two different kinds of services usually offered - general servicing and chemical servicing. General servicing, which involves basic washing of the aircon system could cost between RM60 to RM100 for each unit.

Chemical servicing services costs are higher and can range between RM130 to RM180 but could be reduced if you have more units. Chemical cleaning involves removing certain components and washing them with special chemical solutions.

Besides the type of maintenance, prices are also dependent on the type of air conditioning unit you have, and its horsepower.

How long does AC servicing take?

The usual aircon service provided by professionals usually takes about one to two hours. However, several factors such as AC type and when you had your last service could influence this time frame.

Additionally, it will take more time before your aircon is up and running again if repairs are needed.

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For tips on choosing the best AC servicing company, read ‘How to Choose a Reilable Aircon Service in Malaysia’.


Ideally, you should get your AC regularly serviced to ensure that it is working optimally and to avoid breakdowns. In between services, be sure to clean out dust build-up to enjoy clean, cool air in your home.

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