How To Fix an Aircon Leak?

Fri 20 May, 2022


An air conditioner is one of the most essential electronics items of today. Especially in a tropical country like Malaysia, having an air conditioner in your home is necessary.

However, aircon leaks are a common problem, resulting in lowered efficiency of the unit, and less cooling. The situation can be worse if you've no idea how to fix that leak.

The article walks you through the steps needed to fix such leaks.

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What causes an aircon to leak?

The following are common reasons that result in air conditioner leakage:

  • Air Leakage
  • Choked aircon filter
  • Condenser coil leakage
  • Faulty installation
  • Broken pump

How to fix aircon leaks and drips?

Here are some steps that may help you get started with fixing an aircon leak. However, fixing a leakage in your air conditioner unit may not always be as easy as it sounds. It is recommended to get professional help from reputed agencies like ServisHero and know when to get AC servicing.

1. Ensure that aircon is properly installed

A well-installed aircon minimizes various maintenance issues.

There are two things that need attention for proper aircon installation :

Suitable location for an outdoor unit

  • If the outdoor unit is in direct sunlight or a wet area, the dissipated heat from the condenser can impede cooling and cause the aircon to leak water from the indoor section.
  • Proper distance between indoor and outdoor unit

  • The gap between indoor and outdoor units plays a significant role in proper cooling. For an even flow of the refrigerant, it is advisable to place both units at a minimum distance.
  • 2. Clean the condensate drain

    The condensate drain acts as a ventilator. It inhales hot air in the room while simultaneously pushing in cool air.

    This hot vapour condensates in water and accumulates in the drain along with dirt and dust.

    A clogged condensate drain is often the reason for aircon leakage and diminished cooling effect.

    You can clean the accumulated debris in the pipeline using a vacuum pump. To ensure it is free of dirt, hover the vacuum pump over the drain line a few times.

    3. Clean the interior and exterior coils

    After completing checks on the drain line, clean the interior and the exterior coils.

    The interior coils consist of the evaporator and fan coils, while the exterior coils comprise condenser coils.

    Below is a quick mention of the mechanism of cleaning these coils.

    Clean the evaporator

    Turn off the aircon and unplug the power source. Next, detach the front cover of the appliance using a screwdriver. You can either use a vacuum pump or a wide brush for cleaning the evaporator.

    The internal portion of the aircon is made up of fragile integrated circuits and very thin aluminium fins. Therefore, make sure you clean them cautiously.

    Clean the fan

    The fan blows conditioned air out of the AC in a specified path.

    To clean this part, you first need to undo the indoor unit framework with a screwdriver.

    Now use a suitable soapy solution to clean the fan. Use three to four sprays to lubricate the fan and keep it aside for nearly 20 minutes.

    Use warm water to wash the fan. The warm water will squeeze out all the accumulated dirt in the fan. Allow the water to drain off completely, then wash it again.

    Once the fan is completely dry, attach it back to its respective position.

    Clean the condenser coils

    To clean the condenser coils, disconnect the aircon from the power source. Carefully remove the external casing, and take the condenser coil out of the AC.

    Using a soft bristle brush, slowly dust off the dirt and dust present on the coils.

    Next, use a good soap solution to clean the coils. Then, wash them with lukewarm water.

    For more tips on cleaning your AC, read ‘How To Clean Air Conditioners?’


    How to check if the condenser coil is leaking?

    As the outdoor unit is exposed to the external environment, condenser coils are prone to dust and soot. In addition, if any foreign particle enters the outdoor unit, it can clog the condenser coil and cause leakage.

    You can follow a few measures, to determine whether the condenser coil is leaking or not :

    • Turn off the power of the aircon.
    • Open the external panel of the outdoor unit.
    • Using a torch, check for leakage in the coils.
    • Roll a tissue over the coils and check if it has soaked up any liquid.
    • Reattach the vents if no liquid is present. If you notice the presence of any leakage, contact a technician immediately.

    Is water leaking from the air conditioner dangerous?

    Water leaking from the aircon is dangerous and harmful for the appliance. If the condensed water spreads all over the condenser coil, it can heavily damage your aircon unit.

    Additionally, water dripping from the aircon also increases the chance of a short circuit and can wreck the device. If the leaked AC generates a short circuit, it can eventually put the people living in that room at great risk.

    Can you use AC when water is leaking?

    Using your AC when it is leaking water isn't a very intelligent decision. The only rational decision would be to repair the damaged part in such circumstances.

    Repairing a damaged segment can be a bit of a task and may require technical expertise. It is advisable to contact a professional technician or call an AC servicing solution.

    Repairing a damaged segment can be a bit of a task and may require technical expertise. It is advisable to contact a professional technician or call an AC servicing solution.

    How do I stop my AC unit from leaking water inside?

    If your aircon is constantly leaking water, it indicates internal damage or dirt accumulation.

    You can always check the AC filters and clean the piled up dirt. The scum needs to be cleaned from time to time.

    Sometimes the complexity of the water-dripping problem needs more attention and care. That's where professional agencies like ServisHero come in.


    Considering how busy our lives are, it can get a little difficult and time consuming to service the aircon yourself. However, the good news is that professional help is right around the corner.

    Contact ServisHero to understand more about your Aircon related issues and book a home aircond servicing/ maintenance appointment for your AC. For more details on aircon maintenance, read ‘ What is Aircon Service And Why Is It Necessary?