How To Save Electricity When Using Aircond

Fri 13 May, 2022


In a tropical country, air conditioners are almost essential in our homes.

With the sweltering weather and humidity, sometimes all we would like to do is cool down and relax after a long day of work.

Then comes that little piece of paper somewhere in the middle of the month that makes you regret your decision of having the air condition on constantly.

However, there are ways you can enjoy the cool air, and at the same time, not have to pay a considerable sum for it monthly. Keep reading to find out more.

Tips to save electricity when using aircon

Here are some practical things that will help reduce your electricity bills if you use your AC frequently.

Ensure that the temperature is not set too low

Refrain from setting your aircon temperature too low. Your AC unit works harder to maintain lower temperatures, and thus, more energy is needed, causing your electricity bill to increase.

The ideal temperature would be between 23 to 25 degrees celsius, which allows you to enjoy a cool temperature without breaking the bank.

Clean the aircon filter regularly

Make the best out of aircon efficiency by cleaning the filters regularly - at least once every three weeks. The filter gets clogged with dust and pollutants, especially when your aircon is used daily. When filters get clogged, your aircon has to work harder to push the cool air out.

Therefore, cleaning the filters regularly will help save electricity and also helps prevent leaks or faults that may only cause more significant damage.

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Pre-cool the room if possible

Instead of ramping up your air conditioner when it’s scorching, start by pre-cooling your house gradually. This would help in reducing your electricity bill.

Open your house windows to release hot and stuffy air before switching on the air conditioning. Once the air inside is not too hot, shut all the windows properly and only then turn the AC on.

Ensure all the doors and windows are appropriately shut once the AC is on to prevent any cold air from leaving the room.

Keep aircon on if you’re leaving only for a short while

Leave the AC running if you plan to step out of your house or room just for a short time. While this seems counterintuitive when it comes to saving electricity, turning it off and back on after a short period requires higher power consumption.

Use curtains to block out the sun

Blinds, shutters or blackout curtains help keep your home cooler when it’s really hot during the day.

By practising these measures, especially if your house faces the afternoon sun, you can reduce the overall temperature by up to 4 degrees, which means your AC doesn’t have to work as hard to cool down the room.

Use inverter air conditioners

Using an inverter air conditioner is more energy-saving than a non-inverter air conditioner.

How does using an inverter air cond help, you may ask? When the set temperature is reached, the inverter air conditioner's compressor runs at a constant speed to achieve the power saving feature whilst maintaining the desired room temperature. Hence, less energy is used.

Use dry mode

Using dry mode on your AC helps reduce the humidity levels in your room. A room with higher humidity is a room with a warmer temperature.

In dry mode, less energy is used to cool your room temperature, resulting in lower electricity costs because most of the other components are not working as hard.

Using dry mode may not cool your room as effectively as cool mode, but it surely helps to dehumidify the air, automatically reducing the room temperature.

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Use the timer

A simple but useful trick would be to set the AC timer so that your aircond is switched off after a few hours. For example, we do not really need the AC the whole night when we’re asleep. Additionally, you don't have to wake up to switch off your aircond with a timer - it switches off automatically, and your sleep will not be disrupted.

Maintain your air conditioner

Sometimes you may think that until and unless your AC gives you problems you do not need to give it a routine check.

This is wrong, and you should get it serviced regularly to improve the efficiency and longevity of your air conditioners.

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What is the best temperature for aircon to save electricity?

The ideal temperature to have your AC on to save electricity is 23 to 25 degrees.

What Aircond mode saves electricity?

The dry mode can help save electricity as it reduces the humidity in the room, thus making it cooler. Auto mode also reduces power consumption as it allows your AC unit to ‘rest’ once it reaches the desired temperature.


Clean your AC regularly to ensure that it is clean and does not have to use extra power consumption to make it cooler and also to avoid greater damage to your AC units. Make sure you choose a reliable aircond service technician .

You can book an appointment with ServisHero aircond servicing team using our easy, convenient, and reliable app, and we will be there to get your AC serviced.

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