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5 People that Deserve a Christmas Gift

Christmas is just around the corner and this time of the year can be overwhelming for many, as it is the season for deadlines that coincides with office parties, family gatherings, vacations/getaways and not forgetting hunting gifts for loved ones. Often times we forget those around us. Here are the five people that deserve a small token of appreciation this Christmas.




Your clients, new and old, are the ones who contribute to your company’s well being and growth. Simple gift boxes make a great way to show them your appreciation. Plus, you can also engage your potential clients in a personalized manner and ensure you start next year with a bang.



 2. Personal assistants

Personal assistants are hidden gems of the office. They manage a cool façade while working day in and out at the bosses’ timings to ensure that everything runs smoothly every day. Acknowledge these undercover superheroes for the crazy times they pulled you through.



3. HRs

Human resources are the backbone for the company that is often in charge of our happiness at the office, and sometimes go the extra mile to babysit everyone at corporate outing and office parties. Showing an appreciation for their hard work would be great for a change. P.S.: A present before your annual bonus might also be nice for these people to have too.



4. Delivery guy

Always zipping in and out of the office, the courier and delivery guy are always on the go to battle crazy traffic jams and erratic weather for the company’s behalf. A simple token of appreciation can help brighten up their day or week!



5. Security officers

When was the last time you thanked a good security guard? Good company values are cultivated not by just appreciating the people inside the office but also the individuals that are up on their feet to keep watch over your company.

If you have absolutely no time in getting these gifts, Supplycart has the perfect solution for you in personalising Christmas Edition Client Gift Boxes and Employee Gift Boxes.

We encourage you to end the year on a happy note by spreading the joy of Christmas with gifts for the people around you!