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Home Cleaning Tips by our Cleaning Heroes

Cleaning your home isn’t has tough as it sounds. Just follow the following home cleaning tips from our very own heroes, and you’ll have a glistening home in no time!

  1. High to Low

Always clean from higher areas to lower areas. The flooring should be the last place to clean. If you reverse the order, dust will gather on the floor and you’ll need to start all over again.


  1. Vacuum First

Dusting and vacuuming should be conducted before mopping. If mopping is done when the floor is dusty, dust will accumulate on the wet floor.


  1. Begin with the Toilet

When cleaning your home, always start with the toilets. Begin by soaking the toilet bowl with stain removers like Duck. After that, proceeding to clean other areas of your home. By allowing the stain removers to settle, you’ll have a simpler time scrubbing those stubborn stains later.


  1. Remove glass stains

Use bleach when cleaning glass surfaces or mirrors. This creates a clean shine on the surface. Using a “Clean Cham” cloth on such surfaces can help remove stubborn water-like marks to provide the ideal finish.


  1. Use leather wipes

Using “leather wipes” can provide your leather sofa a “glossy and shiny look”. If you prefer a non-greasy feel, use dry wipes instead.


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