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How to Live by the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year

When the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year was announced, we couldn’t agree more on a better choice of colour that represents our current cultural climate. ‘Greenery’ is a colour that signifies the growing urge to escape technology and to reestablish the relationship with nature and what is real. The colour speaks to our need to take a deep breath, relax our brain and care for what is actually important.

To give you clear ideas of how you can easily apply the significance of ‘Greenery’ into your daily life, here are some great suggestions. And remember, deep breaths…



1. Fashion

Your fashion motto from now on should be “buy less, choose well and make it last”. It may sound a little boring, but you’d be surprised by the amount of options you have (and how much money you’ll be saving!). Investing a little bit more in timeless, easy to style pieces and then care for them as if they were a fragile baby, will not only make the environment very happy but getting ready in the morning much easier. Swap out your mass-produced, cheap pieces for classic styles made by local brands that believe in sustainable, ethically made clothing. And if a button pops off or the leather of your bag starts to crack – don’t buy new things. Fix it 🙂



2.  Home
2017 is for exploring flea markets, experimenting with serene pops of color and reinventing your old furniture. Open your eyes to change and possibilities and suddenly that old, cracked window is now a future unique mirror. Declutter your home and delegate the stressful, everyday tasks like cleaning and laundry to get more time to focus on what is important and brings you peace. And although you don’t have to go all feng shui about your home, painting a contrast wall or adding decorative pillows in a relaxing green color will help your mind to unwind when coming home after a tough day.



3. Mind & Body

When was the last time you unplugged and did absolutely nothing? Our brains are constantly running on high speed, but to feel great both mentally and physically we need to learn how to disconnect. Yes, we all struggle to find the time, so to kill two birds with one stone, take your exercise routine outdoors. Bring your yoga mat outside, ditch the treadmill in the gym and go for a run in the park. Simply step away from the city crowds and take a deep breath of fresh air.  Your body will thank you for giving it time to oxygenate and reinvigorate.

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