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The Best Way to Find an Electrician in Malaysia

Finding a reliable and licensed electrician to fix or install switches, outlets and lighting in your home is important. Faulty electrical systems are dangerous and sure to give you a shock of your lifetime if you resort to DIY. To make sure you make wise decisions on your electrical needs, we asked our users what the best ways to find an electrician are in Malaysia.


  1. Ask your building superintendent

In a lot of tenanted apartment buildings, it is common to have a building manager who has most of the answers concerning your electrical woes. Even if they don’t have an in-house electrician ready to fix your wires, he or she will most likely be able to get you a contact number of someone who is familiar with the building’s wiring.

Pro: Easily accessible contact who possibly has a lot of experience working on similar issues

Con: Limited insight on skills and experience of recommended person



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  1. Look for signs on electrical poles

The various sign boards and posters plastered on electric poles around your neighbourhood are not just there by coincidence. In the midst of contact numbers for cleaners and movers might be the rare electrician that also worked on fixing the electrical pole.

Pro: The electrician might be available in your locality

Con: There is no way to vet the person’s skill level and experience by just talking over the phone



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  1. Find classifieds on bulletin boards

Your buildings notice board will often contain more than just discounts from neighbourhood restaurants. Often service providers and their businesses will resort to distributing flyers in their areas of operation. Just plough through the pile and you might just find all the info you need to hire someone for the job

Pro: Detailed information on services and qualifications

Con: Need to filter and vet the flyers one by one



  1. Do a quick search on Google

Type in ‘Electrician in [insert neighbourhood name] and you are bound to be flooded by a list of websites and phone numbers of handymen. They will most likely be listed with detailed job scope, prices, and reviews. The information overload might be overwhelming but it’s best to go with your gut and pick the first few that pop up.

Pro: You get what you’re looking for in an instant

Con: Sometimes the businesses listed at top might just  have a very good digital marketing team



  1. Use ServisHero

Call me bias but I think having a one-stop platform for all my household needs is pretty useful. All you have to do is answer a few questions regarding the job that needs to be done, which is then disseminated to relevant electricians in your neighbourhood. Once they respond to your query, it’s entirely up to you to review their quote, check the prices and read their reviews before scheduling the job.

Pro: Vetted professionals with detailed profile and community reviews all in one place. All you have to do is answer a few questions, and hire someone at a time and price that works for you!

Con:  Once you find out how efficient the service providers are, you might be tempted to scroll through the entire list and hire a cleaner, an AC service professional, a plumber, a caterer and a fitness trainer. Because why not?

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