Real life personal trainers reveal their top secrets for getting in shape

Do you ever feel like all the hard work you put in at the gym isn’t paying off? It is incredibly frustrating to go to the gym week after week without seeing any progress. Whether you are trying to lose weight or build muscle, sometimes working hard just isn’t enough. You also need to work […]

5 months ago

Bad Experiences With Your Aircon Contractor

Many of us have had bad experiences when hiring home services. This problem seems to be an especially common one among aircon contractors. A quick search on Google will lead you to forums like Lowyat and HardwareZone that are littered with customers complaining about their bad experiences when hiring an aircon contractor. Most frequently heard […]

5 months ago

Your Home Repair and Maintenance Budget

Regular maintenance is an important part of maintaining a safe and comfortable home environment. The key to making home improvement projects successful is planning ahead. This includes both knowing what needs to be done, and planning how you will pay for it. By the end of this blog, you’ll have a better idea of how […]

5 months ago

Common Myths about your Air Conditioner

There are many ways to help keep your home cool. However, much of the advice you have heard might just be myths. Let’s tackle the myths and learn the reality of how to best run your aircon. Myth 1 # : It makes you to catch a cold Reality: Completely untrue. While becoming cold may […]

5 months ago

Print Marketing Tips

Printing is a fundamental but often overlooked medium for marketers, as many of them tend to have shifted more towards online marketing channels. Being trend-savvy and on the forefront of your domain is good, it shows that you are aware about changes in the market and that you can easily adapt to them. Digital marketing […]

5 months ago

Simple Hacks to Survive the Hot Malaysian Weather

As the Chinese New Year holidays come to an end and the days seem to be getting warmer and warmer. The long hot days punctuated with glaring sunlight are here to stay until the end of August. So how do we get through the hot, dry weather without turning into a puddle of sweat? Here are […]

5 months ago

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas for Him

Ladies – you know it! Come Tuesday the special guy in your life is going to waltz in with a bouquet of flowers. And while it’s always lovely being made to feel special, it’s 2017! So it’s time for you to wake up, smell the flowers and play your part in gender equality by making […]

5 months ago

Signs you need to call a plumber immediately

We hate to break it to you but you could be facing some serious plumbing issues without even realising it. Most of us wait till we face a crisis, such as a water shortage or a flooding before we call in the experts. But the Plumbing Heroes at ServisHero recommend you keep an eye out […]

5 months ago

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift for Her

February 14th is especially special for all the couples who can take the opportunity to show the special someone in their life that they truly care (Of course if you ask us, we think every day should be an excuse to shower your loved ones with love and affection). If you’re someone scrambling to get something […]

5 months ago

Essential Cleaning Tricks for your Home

We have put together some brilliant advice for keeping your house clean and they’re all really quick and easy to do.  Send those dirt and germs packing with these genius tips.   The microwave Squeeze out some soap onto a wet sponge and get a good amount of foam by rubbing it. Put the sponge […]

6 months ago