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Disinfection Services You Need for Your Home and Office

All the disinfection services to help you clean your home & office. Our solution kills viruses, bacteria, fungus, and smells without leaving any residues. The solution is safe for human and animals and is foodgrade.

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Disinfectant Cleaning

General cleaning service at your home & office with additional disinfectant solution to clean sensitive and high-traffic area. This service is provided by 1 cleaner.

Chemical Disinfection

Chemical spraying disinfection service provided by 2-3 trained professionals. Our chemical product is safe for human and animal and does not leave residues. Kills >99% of viruses and bacteria.

Ozone Disinfection

Ozonizing your home & office by ozone generator machine. Our machine can generate more than 50,000mg/hour ozone. It is the most effective way to kill viruses and bacteria.

Various Services for All Your Needs

Disinfect Now
Service Suitable for Product used Equipment used Price
Disinfectant Cleaning Home or office that needs regular cleaning with additional need of disinfectant solution Cleaning agents and Disinfectant cleaning solution Normal cleaning equipment Starting at 1,099 Baht
Chemical Disinfection Places that need special disinfection, suitable for all property types Chemical disinfectant solution ULV foggin machine Starting at 1,999 Baht
Ozone Disinfection Places that need special disinfection, suitable for closed area (indoor with closed doors and windows) Ozone Ozone generator machine Starting at 5,500 Baht

Process and Preparation

1. Site inspection
2. Confirm with the owner of work scope
3. Clean bedroom, bathroom, office, kitchen, and living room
4. Use disinfectant solution to wipe and clean sensitive areas such as doorknob, TV, keyboard, or toilet
5. Take out trash and ask owner to check the work
6. Close job and leave premise
1. Put on PPE suit and prepare the disinfectant solution
2. Inspect the site thoroughly before starting the work
3. Turn on the machine and start disinfectant spraying
4. After the service, leave the room for 30-60 minutes before using
5. Open doors and windows to clear the air before using the room
Prepare water, electicity, and vaccum cleaner (if needed) (vaccum cleaner isn't included)
- Cover documents, cups, and electronic devices
- Do not leave valuable belongings at the premise
- Able to leave Fire alarm and Smoke detector system on (fogging doesn't affect these systems)
- Open cupboards and cabinets. Leave any items that need disinfection on the table
- Humans and animals should be in the room when servicing to fasten the process"

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