Hari Raya Movie Giveaway Contest

Win a pair of movie tickets this Hari Raya Aidilfitri! In spirit of the upcoming Hari Raya festivities, we are giving you the chance to win a pair of movie tickets to share with a loved one! Starting on June 19th 2017, all you have to do is “like” our page on Facebook, like this post […]

3 days ago

Prepping For Hari Raya

We’re on our last week of Ramadan, which means it’s almost time for Hari Raya celebrations! While Ramadan is a time for spiritual reflection, perseverance and gratefulness, Hari Raya is all about celebrations with friends and families. Here are some planning tips for you to consider to have a memorable Hari Raya! Count Your Blessings […]

3 days ago

How to boost productivity during Ramadan

Time flies – we’re more than halfway through Ramadan! If you’ve been having trouble with keeping your energy up this month, we’re here to give you tips and tricks on how you can boost your productivity during the last two weeks of the Holy Month. Find Your Peak It’s helpful to know when you’re at […]

9 days ago

Must-Visit Ramadan Bazaars

Nothing unites Malaysians more than our shared love for food. While the month of Ramadan is all about spirituality and dedication, it’s also about reconnecting with loved ones with food! Like every year, we look forward to the abundance of food available at bazaars to spend on for buka puasa. Read on to read about […]

18 days ago

Keeping Fit During Ramadan

Exercising during Ramadan may not seem like the best idea – especially since you’ll be working out without water and on an empty stomach. However, many of us find ways to keep fit during the Holy Month through proper planning and routine, as well as choosing the right types of workouts. We have compiled a […]

22 days ago

Staying Healthy This Ramadan

Preparing for Ramadan is akin to preparing for a marathon – you need the right mindset, fuel and stamina. The last thing you want is to fall sick during the month and not be able to experience the full Ramadan spirit. To stay on top of your game during this Holy Month, we offer several […]

24 days ago

Is Ramadan All About Fasting?

Ramadan is upon us in just 2 days! For us Muslims, this means abstaining from food and liquid from sunrise to sunset. But is that what Ramadan is all about? Not at all! This is the month full of perseverance, reflection and appreciation. The Holy Month is a time for self-discipline and for Muslims to […]

last month

Get Ready for Ramadan

Only a week left before it’s that time of the year where Muslims around the world celebrate the Holy Month of Ramadan. Once again, the team at ServisHero will be joining you in celebrating the holiest, most humbling and harmonious time of the year. Don’t miss Sahur! Over the next month – don’t miss a […]

last month

Why you should hire a part-time cleaner

It’s been a long day at work – your boss was being more unreasonable than usual, your project deadlines are nearing and you’re stuck in traffic for over an hour.  You finally drag your feet back home, but instead of crashing straight to bed – you’re greeted by a giant pile of mess you promised […]

last month

ServisHero & NEXX Move-In Package

While a house is made of bricks, a Home is made of love, comfort and dreams! May your new home be a place where your dreams come true and your friends gather for many happy memories! Congratulations on your new home! On this momentous occasion, ServisHero and NEXX would like to present you with a […]

3 months ago