Reasons for Your Aircon (AC) Unit Breaking Down

Fri 21 Jan, 2022


Most houses these days are equipped with air conditioners to help beat the heat of humid Malaysia. However, often, households tend not to pay attention to their aircon units until there's a breakdown.

Several problems could cause your air conditioner to underperform.

What are common problems with air conditioners?

Some common problems you would face with an air conditioner are water leaking, warm air, strange smells or weird noises coming from your unit. Other common problems are air-cond units not constantly turning on or tripping up the circuit breaker.


What causes the air conditioner to freeze up?

Air conditioners can freeze up when clogged air filters block the airflow. The lack of constant airflow will allow humidity to settle on the coils and freeze them up. Air conditioners could also get frozen because of a leak with the coolant or a low-quality refrigerant.

Common reasons for aircon breakdown

The stress of frequent use causes a breakdown in your air conditioning system, and these are some of the common reasons you would need to schedule a repair service.

Leaking refrigerant

Every aircon unit needs a specific amount of refrigerant to cool down temperatures efficiently. Refrigerants would not usually deplete unless there is a crack resulting in leakage. This will cause humidity and temperatures to rise.

Often, it is better to have a professional switch it out for a new refrigerant rather than attempting to repair the leak.

Dirty filters

Air filters are supposed to keep contaminants out of your AC unit. However, when it's clogged up with dirt and dust, it won't be able to do its job well. In addition, the restricted airflow and built up dust will start to cause harm to the other components of your AC unit. So clean out your air filters monthly to ensure that your unit is working efficiently. If you’re wondering how to clean aircon filter, we suggest to leave it to the aircond servicing professionals .

Frozen Coil

A dirty air filter prevents sufficient airflow and causes a layer of frost to develop on the evaporator coil that eventually freezes up. When this happens, the rest of the components have to work harder to compensate for the inefficient parts.

The evaporator and condenser coils are also used to transfer hot and cold air between the outdoors and your home. If they are dirty or frozen and cannot work correctly, it will increase the temperatures within your house, making it uncomfortable.

Old components

Like all electronics, components tend to go through the process of wear and tear over time. As parts get old, they are likely to break down and are unable to function optimally. Scheduling regular maintenance allows your technician to make sure the components are working well and replace any broken components quickly.

Dirty fans

Keeping all the components of your air conditioning unit clean is key in getting it to work efficiently. Fans also operate to transfer hot and cool air between your home and the outdoors.

Excess dirt on the blades will get it to start working harder and, in turn, damage the motors quickly. If the outdoor fan is broken, it can also cause your unit to overheat. Check your fans regularly and clean them of dust between your scheduled maintenance.

Faulty Thermostat

The aircon can be underperforming not because there's any fault within the unit, but the thermostat is faulty. Minor issues with your thermostat would require a battery change or the settings to be adjusted. For example, a defective thermostat would set the cycles to turn on and off more frequently, which would make it seem like the unit is broken.


Reasons for aircon leaking water

There are a couple of reasons why your aircon could be leaking water. First, a condensation drain line can be clogged by dirt, dust or mold, making it challenging to get drained out; the water then collects and starts leaking into your home.

Sometimes, the water leakage comes from a frozen coil melting when the air conditioner freezes. It could also be a broken condensate pump or a rusty drain pan, typical in older aircon units.

Read more about “When to Get AC Servicing” for a better understanding.

Why is my AC running but not cooling?

If your AC is blowing air that's not cold, it could be a simple issue with the air filter or the thermostat being set wrongly. These issues can be resolved simply by cleaning out the air filter or turning the fan setting to Auto.

More severe issues include refrigerant leakage causing your AC not to cool down. Again, this is an issue best resolved by a professional. Besides this, it could be an issue with your evaporator coil freezing.


There are quite a few reasons for your air conditioner to break down. Keeping the components related to airflow clean and dust-free will save your AC unit from breaking down frequently and operating at optimum levels in between service appointments.

It is best not to attempt to repair your air conditioner on your own because there are many sensitive components in the unit. Instead, get professional help to assess the problem and perform the air conditioning cleaning for you. Sometimes it could require aircon chemical cleaning as the solution. Reach out to the team at ServisHero for reliable and quick consulting if your AC is having problems.

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