Why And When Is Aircon Chemical Cleaning Needed?

Fri 4 Feb, 2022


To ensure your air conditioner continues to work effectively for years, it's essential to have it serviced and maintained regularly. Routine cleaning is an excellent way of preserving the aircon in good shape, but once every year or every two years, it may need a chemical cleaning.

Chemical cleaning helps to remove accumulated and stubborn grime, bacteria, debris and other particles from the aircon. It thoroughly cleans the air filters, which allows them to bring clean and healthy air into your room, working space or home.

What is chemical cleaning of an aircon?

Chemical cleaning the process of cleaning the different components of the air conditioner with chemicals. This includes partial or full-blown dismantling of the aircon units and washing with a specialized chemical.

The chemical removes dust, dirt stains, mold, sticky debris, acid and other things that have accumulated over time in the aircon. It cleans, disinfects, and unclogs the aircon pipes, flushing out gunk and algae.

What chemical is used for aircon cleaning?

The chemical used for aircon cleaning is a solvent mixture of tetrafluoroethane and 2,3-dihydro perfluoropentane. It contains a polyol ester lubricant, a pressure additive and an antiwear.

The chemical is suitable for all parts of the aircon, and has a high penetrating ability that reaches all the parts of the aircon for a thorough clean. It can be used for all types of aircons.

Is chemical wash for the aircon necessary?

Yes! A chemical wash is necessary for your aircon. The wash keeps the aircon functioning at its optimal performance and boosts its longevity.

It’s the best and easiest way to deal with sticky dirt, debris and other things in all parts of the AC.

Benefits of aircon chemical cleaning

The benefits of aircon chemical cleaning are:

  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness in the AC’s functioning.
  • Improved air quality.
  • Extended life span for the unit and all its components.
  • Reduces energy use, hence saving on electricity.
  • Thorough removal of dirt, bacteria, debris and other foreign particles.
  • Removal of bad smell.
  • Reduction in sudden or frequent breakdowns.
  • Deals with noise.
  • Stops leakages and drips.

How often should you chemical clean your aircon?

It is advisable for an AC to have a chemical clean once a year, especially if it's in heavy use and once every two years if it's not in heavy use.

It’s also time for a chemical clean when you notice some of the signs listed below:

Signs your AC unit needs aircon chemical cleaning

Signs that your AC needs a chemical cleaning include:

Leakages or drips: when the aircon starts leaking, it might be that the drainage pipes are clogged.

Lesser no cold air from the AC: this shows the coils and the condenser are dirty, and the internal pipes are probably clogged.

Bad smell from the AC.

For more details on when to clean your aircon, read 'When to get AC Servicing?’ and ‘Reasons for your aircond (AC) unit breaking down'.

How often should you chemical clean your aircon?

Aircon steam cleaning is an advanced aircon cleaning method that uses water and electricity only. The steam reduces the amount of dirt, germs, debris and bacteria in the AC to nearly zero per cent. Because it doesn’t involve any chemicals, it's eco-friendly and great for cleaning indoor air conditioners.

However, because it doesn’t use chemicals, steaming may not be effective for heavy use aircons and those that have accumulated large amounts of dirt.

That said, steam cleaning is excellent for indoor aircons that are not used frequently. You can have steam cleaning once or twice a year, depending on your preference.

Aircon chemical wash vs chemical overhaul

A chemical overhaul involves the complete dismantling of all the AC parts and then cleaning each of them with chemicals. This includes the internal pipes, condenser, coils, filters etc. Hence, it is a more thorough, deeper chemical cleaning.

Is chemical wash for aircon safe?

Yes! Chemical wash for the aircon is safe. However, it should be done by a professional. Doing it on your own may present some risks. Chemicals need to be handled with care and can be harmful to you and the AC if spilled or mishandled.

So to ensure safety, get a professional/expert to do it.

How much does it cost to chemical wash the aircon?

An aircon chemical wash usually costs between RM130 and RM320.

Aircon chemical cleaning Malaysia

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If you want your AC to function at its optimal, you need to regularly give it the proper care, service, and maintenance. Chemical cleaning is one way to do this. Plan to do it at least once a year and always engage professionals to do it.

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