How To Clean Air Conditioners?

Fri 25 Feb, 2022


Air conditioners are essential to home and workspace areas, especially if you're living in hot and humid Malaysia. However, to keep it in good shape and prolong its durability, you'll need to clean it regularly. Regular air conditioner cleaning also reduces breakdowns and the need for repairs. In addition, a healthy air conditioner saves on the amount of energy needed to have it running.

This article provides some helpful AC cleaning tips to ensure that your unit continues to give cool, fresh air for a long time.

Can I clean my air conditioner myself?

As a general rule of thumb, getting your aircon serviced at least once a year is a good practice. However, in Malaysia, you might be using your AC daily because of the hot weather. As such, a service every six months is recommended.

Also, your environment and how old your aircon is will affect the frequency of services needed. For example, if you live in a more dusty environment, have an older aircon, your unit has to work hard to cool your room, and thus, will require more frequent services.

How to clean an indoor air conditioner?

Start with drying the aircon especially if you have been using it. Then, cut off the power supply to have the machine ready for dismantling.

Clean the filters first. You can use a cloth, cleaning pad or sponge with soap and water. When they are clean, dry them in the shade before putting them back.

Next, move to the fins and coils. To clean the fins, use a soft brush to gently brush them until the dirt and dust are completely removed. Some people use a blower to blow off the dust. However, fins are very delicate so use something that will not cause damage. Next, vacuum the coils and use a clean damp cloth to remove the remaining dirt.

You can put everything back and power the AC again when everything is cleaned and dry.

Also, your environment and how old your aircon is will affect the frequency of services needed. For example, if you live in a more dusty environment, have an older aircon, your unit has to work hard to cool your room, and thus, will require more frequent services.

How to clean the ceiling air conditioner?

A ceiling air conditioner works the same as other conditioners. The only difference is that it's hung up in the ceiling. So cleaning it is the same as cleaning any other AC.

Power it off, dismantle it and clean the filters, coils, fins and vents separately. When they are cleaned and dried, you put them back in and power the AC again.

How to clean a cassette air conditioner?

Before cleaning, you need to cover the surface below the cassette air con unit to avoid getting dirt everywhere. Next, remove the filters and clean or replace them. Next, remove the fins and coils to have them cleaned.

Once they are cleaned and dried, place them back in their rightful positions. Remember to dry any moisture in the air con.

How to clean the window air conditioner?

To clean a window air conditioner, you can use hydrogen peroxide spray. First, spray the intake and outflow area on the front of the unit. This, however, is only basic cleaning. For deep cleaning, you will have to remove the filter and clean it too.

How to clean a portable air conditioner?

After disconnecting it from the power source, dismantle the unit for cleaning. Drain out the leaking water, if any, and then clean the filters with soapy water using a cloth.

Replace the filters if they are disposable. Move on to the coils once you're done with the filters. You can use the same cloth but fresh, soapy water to clean the coils.

Allow the parts to dry as you clean the outside of the air con. When you're done, reassemble the air con and power it again.

How to clean the air conditioner filter?

To clean the air con filter, vacuum the part that holds the filter to remove the dust. You might have to grate the filter cover to remove the remaining dust and foreign particles if the unit hasn’t been cleaned for some time.

The air con filter should be cleaned and evaluated at least once every month.

How to clean the air conditioner blower?

There are different types of air-con blowers:

  • the centrifugal fan
  • the vane-axial fan
  • the propeller fan
  • the tube-axial fan

So how to clean the blower depends on its type.

Generally, you will need to remove the accumulated dust and dirt from the impeller. You can use a cleaning pad or cloth with water, soap, or detergent.

The blower usually has a lot of debris. Thus, ensure the cleaning is thorough so that no dirt, dust or debris remain.

How to clean an air conditioner compressor?

First, remove the grill. Then, manually remove any debris or particles in the vent. You will most likely have some foreign particles if your AC is outside.

When that is done, use a brush to remove the dirt and dust and then spray the unit with water. However, ensure that the water does not accumulate in the vent. Use a damp cloth if you are worried about using water.

How to clean air conditioner coils?

Air conditioners have two coils: the indoor evaporator and outdoor condensing coils. After opening the machine and exposing the coils, clean them using a specific cleaning chemical or water spray. Then, leave to dry before putting them back.

The condenser coil is more accessible than the evaporator coil, so you may need expert help for the evaporator coil.

How to clean air conditioner fins?

Remove the cover to the condenser unit and spray the fins with moderate water pressure. Then, straighten or comb out the fins using a soft brush to remove all the dirt and dust that has built up in the unit over time.

How to clean dust from the air conditioner?

Though you can clean your AC on your own, the best way to ensure your air-con is thoroughly cleaned without damages is to call aircon cleaning services, especially if you don't know what to do or are not trained to do so.

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Before you embark on cleaning your AC on your own, you should understand the different AC parts, how they work, and how they should be handled. This is because you can easily damage your AC as you clean it. Otherwise, it's always better to have air-con cleaning experts/professionals to clean your AC unit.

If you’re wondering how often to get AC servicing to prevent the aircond from breaking down, it is recommended to read the article reasons for your aircon (AC) unit breaking down.

This article is part of our write up on aircon services.