What Are Different Aircon Modes And When To Use Each?

Fri 25 Mar, 2022


Air conditioners used to have just the on/off, high, medium, and low options. But with the advancement of technology, modern aircons offer more features with multiple modes of operation.

A simple understanding of the settings may help you maximize the most of your air conditioner.

What are the different aircon modes and their symbols?

Cool mode

Cool or default mode is the factory mode in which the air conditioner initially works (i.e. the fan speed and temperature settings).

In this mode, the air conditioner draws in hot air and runs it through the compressor to cool before releasing it back to the room.

When to use cool mode:

  • When temperature and humidity levels are high.
  • You want the temperature to be at a constant, cool level.

Dry mode

The dry mode works by taking in air moisture. Humid air is dried by the evaporator and then sent back into the home as dry air, resulting in an environment that is more comfortable.

It is important to note that ACs in dry mode do not work as air dehumidifiers as they do not remove all the moisture from the air but rather, maintain room comfort.

When to use dry mode:

  • When the temperature is not hot, but humidity seems high.
  • When you don't need to cool the air.
  • During the cold or rainy season.

Fan mode

When an AC’s fan mode is activated, the internal fan in the AC circulates air in your room. This happens without any cooling, much like a regular fan. It does not produce any cold air but instead circulates or blows air.

It is important to note that ACs in dry mode do not work as air dehumidifiers as they do not remove all the moisture from the air but rather, maintain room comfort.

When to use fan mode:

  • When the weather is not that cold nor hot.
  • All you want is a breezy movement of air.

Sleep mode

Our bodies need less cooling when we are sleeping. With sleep mode, your air conditioner will automatically circulate the air around you.

It also increases the temperature bit by bit without you noticing, and after a while, it goes off.

When to use sleep mode:

  • When you prefer not to use air conditioning throughout the night.
  • Some consumers opt for sleep mode because it saves energy.

Turbo mode

Turbo mode is the most powerful function. It's for rapid cooling and gives users an option to cool a space quickly and effectively. Turbo mode usually operates for 30 minutes before going back to previous settings.

When to use turbo mode:

  • Switch to turbo mode whenever you want to cool a room in the shortest time possible.

Eco mode

Almost every modern air conditioner remote control now has this feature. It works by using your compressor and fan efficiently to consume minimal energy to achieve the desired temperature.

Different manufacturers use different techniques to execute this feature. For example, some ACs set the desired temperature a few degrees higher than your selection.

After the AC reaches this temperature, the compressor goes off, but the fan speed remains constant.

This mode is made to achieve and maintain the desired temperature without extra energy usage.

When to use eco mode:

  • If you're conscious about the environment
  • If you want to cut down on electricity bills

Auto mode

Auto mode serves to achieve a specified temperature and maintain it.

The AC will automatically adjust the speed of the compressor and fan depending on the current temperature.

Once the desired temperature has been fulfilled, the compressor goes off, and the fan speed is automatically adjusted.

When to use auto mode:

  • In an unstable weather/climate

Heat mode

With the heat mode, airflow in the air conditioning unit is switched. This means that hot air will be introduced into the room rather than being blown out to the environment. On the other hand, cold air will be ejected outside.

Instead of cool air, it supplies warm air, making it a perfect configuration for the colder days.

When to use heat mode:

  • During cold or winter seasons

Quite mode

This is quite a new technology primarily used in inverter air conditioners. It enables smooth operation, which in turn allows consumers to have a stable room temperature with minimal noise. The air conditioner will operate quietly and without any irregularities, unlike regular air conditioners.

When to use quiet mode:

  • To enjoy tranquillity and better sleep quality, switch to quiet mode before sleeping.
  • When you don’t want any noise distractions.

Does aircon dry mode save electricity?

Yes! The power consumption for dry mode is less than when the air conditioner runs with heavy functions like in turbo mode. This feature works by taking away excess moisture from the indoor air.

In this process, the fan speed will be reduced. The compressor will be on but only for a short period on an extensive cycle to remove excess humidity.

Technically, when the fan motor is running slowly, the compressor works for a shorter period. Thus, power consumption is reduced and you’ll save money in the long run.

Best temperature for dry mode

The best temperature for dry mode is about 25°C or 77°F.13.

Also, remember that heat evaporates more efficiently when there is less moisture present. Therefore, dry mode works best when the humidity is between 25% and 75%.

Does aircon dry mode save electricity?

By setting your AC on the cool mode, you can be comfortable in the summer. This mode is suitable for the most efficient cooling in dry heat.

However, some people argue that the perfect way to deal with such weather is to leave your air conditioner in Auto mode.

What is the best setting for an aircon?

There is no ‘best’ setting for an aircon. It depends on the current room temperature and is influenced by the weather or climate.

However, here’s a tip to finding the most appropriate settings for your air conditioner:

You may try setting your thermostat at about 25 degrees Celsius for a hot day. If that feels ok, increase it by one degree and find out just how warm you can go and still feel comfortable.

Having said that, the most crucial thing is to maintain and service your aircon to have optimum performance no matter which setting or mode you use. Regular aircon service will extend the lifespan of your unit and ensure that it runs smoothly without breaking down. Find out why your aircon is breaking down and when to get AC servicing done from our articles.

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With a better understanding of the variations between these modes, you can start utilizing your air conditioner more efficiently by setting it to the correct mode based on the room's current temperature and humidity.