How to Choose a Professional Disinfection Service in Malaysia

Fri 07 Jan, 2022


Disinfecting home premises after an encounter with the Coronavirus is critical to prevent further viral spread to other homes.

Most people, unfortunately, typically resort to using ineffective solutions like detergents and disinfectants to clean their homes. However, bleaching powder and water do not ensure thorough cleaning of all the surfaces—especially those hardest to reach.

And what do they entail?

To ensure complete cleaning and high level disinfection, you require professional disinfection services specializing in ensuring human-occupied environments are COVID-19 free.

Why hire a professional disinfection service?

  • Specially trained experts

    Disinfecting technicians are specially trained to understand the best procedures and systems for cleaning. For instance, which chemicals to use, how to use them properly, and where they are best applied.

    It’s easy to leave sanitising to a business’ janitorial service. However, when it comes to Coronavirus outbreak aftermaths, you require someone professionally trained in virus and bacterial sanitising. Such professionals know how or where to effectively disinfect, which means spots will not be missed.

    Additionally, trained experts will also be able to take the appropriate safety measures during the disinfection process.

  • Save time and money

    Time is money. Hiring a professional disinfection service in Malaysia can save you time and money over the long haul. A professional disinfecting service typically has access to its own cleaning chemicals.

    This saves your business money, as store-bought cleaners tend to be more expensive.

    Furthermore, disinfecting services also purchase products in bulk at wholesale rates. And therefore are able to pass this benefit to customers.

    Additionally, professional disinfecting services have advanced spray technologies capable of effectively disinfecting large rooms in a matter of minutes. In contrast, this is way faster than an employee wiping down the same space by hand over hours.

  • Different equipment options

    Different professional disinfecting services use disparate equipment to deploy cleaning chemicals at homes or businesses.

    Some use backpack-like sprayers, while others might employ air sprayers that release a plume of cleaning mist. In contrast to backpack sprayers, air sprayers are safer for electronics like keyboards or pin pads.

    However, they do not necessarily guarantee full coverage.

    The standard for spray sanitising is electrostatic sprayers that employ a statically charged mist to ensure that the disinfectant sticks to all sides, top, and bottom of every object in a space.


Tips to choose a professional disinfection service

It is important to have your air conditioner tested and serviced by a skilled professional on a regular basis. The following are some of what is included in basic services:

1. Carefully consider cleaning agents used

When assessing a professional disinfection service, you’ll probably want to know that the chemical products they use are safe and effective. So, familiarise yourself with the exact cleaning agents that the company you’re vetting will use to treat surfaces.

Furthermore, ensure that the company employs professional-grade products recommended by reputable regulatory institutions. Also, you can consider if the company actively supports environmental friendliness and utilises green products.

2. Pay attention to pre and post-service plans

Any company you consider must properly clean before their technicians commence disinfection and sanitation services. This foundational phase should cover frequently touched surfaces, like doorknobs, kitchen appliance handles, drawers and light switches.

Ideally, the company should clean dust and dirt from such items prior to the treatment. Afterwards, they should survey areas for spots that might have been missed during the process. This shows a commitment to quality service and dedication to clientele.

3. Always speak to the technicians

Prioritising expertise is important. And the only way you can assess expertise is by having the freedom to interrogate the company's technicians. This can help you evaluate if the company is established and really offers numerous years of experience and a positive reputation.

4. Assess if they have professional equipment

The national pharmaceutical regulatory agency in Malaysia typically provides a list of products likely to be effective against the novel Coronavirus as well as other viruses.

So, inquire if the company is employing chemicals recommended by the health authorities. Furthermore, if your establishment stores or serves food, ensure that the company possesses food-safe cleaning chemicals.


Questions to ask before choosing a disinfection company

Here are some questions you can ask a disinfection service before hiring them:

1. Do you offer recurring appointments?

If you’re seeking to book a regular house disinfection service in Malaysia, ask companies about their recurring appointment options. Unfortunately, some may only allow on-schedule appointments, while others could offer daily to weekly recurring appointments.

2. How much are your professional services?

Price might be the most vital question you ask prior to booking a professional disinfecting appointment. Pricing typically varies based on the size of space, and the chemicals to be used.

Price can also depend on whether you choose a recurring appointment, or a one-time service, as some companies offer discounts for recurring services.

3. What are your working hours?

Most office disinfection services in Malaysia have their working hours listed online. But you'll still need to confirm as some change hours. Or worse, they may have posted hours that only reflect when their office is open, not the hours that they execute their services.

Disinfection service Malaysia Prices

Professional disinfection and sanitization services in Malaysia typically charge according to square footage. For example, RM90 per square foot for places below 2,000 sqft. Pricing can also depend on the type of facility as well as the potential risk involved.

ServisHero is a leading professional disinfection service that caters to both office and household clients. Their disinfection services cover Kuala Lumpur and Klang Valley/Selangor areas. They employ state of the art electrostatic sprayers, or pump sprays to administer hospital-grade, registered disinfectants. All on demand, and at your doorstep with the issuance of completion certification and report.

As such, the company is prepared for any eventuality, whether routine cleaning or accidents in the office. Furthermore, their disinfecting process is executed under recommended guidelines, to prevent the spread of the virus.



In summary, ensure to take the time to interview and check references from different candidates as you vet a professional disinfection service in Malaysia. Lastly, ensure that the cleaning service’s employees comply with your company standards before they set foot in your home or office.

*This article is part of our write-up on disinfection services.
**Note that ServisHero’s home and office professional disinfection services is also available in Singapore.