Questions To Ask A Home Inspector

Fri 08 April, 2022


You might be wondering what to ask the inspector during the house inspection, which is an important aspect of the home buying process.

A professional home inspector will cover all of your bases and even educate you while performing the inspection.

However, some house inspectors are more reserved, so you'll have to ask them for home maintenance tips and other details about the property (outside of the report).

This inspection is for Pre-Purchase to decide whether or not they want to buy the property, and not for the Defects Liability Period. These 2 inspections are different as they use different approaches and will have different types of reports.

Don't be hesitant to inquire about how to keep the water heater in good working order, how to improve the grading of your home, or even how to repair a certain aspect of the house which you are unsure how to fix. Home inspectors are knowledgeable of house defects and maintenance issues, so don't be hesitant to ask them questions. irs: those that the inspector deems necessary; optional; and/or unnecessary.

Home inspection questions and answers

  • What do you check for?
  • Before hiring a home inspector, find out what the home inspection will include. Ideally, the home inspector should be able to give you a brief review of the checklists and tell you more about it during the tour of the property. You can get ready by writing down any questions you have about a particular component of the house.

    Home inspections are very subjective, and much of what is evaluated is based on the experience of the particular home inspector. Know that home inspectors come from a variety of backgrounds, which influences the manner they inspect.

  • What don’t you check?
  • In addition to what they check, find out also what they don't. If they do not cover a certain area of the house (e.g: plumbing, electrical, etc), find a professional specialising in the area to do the inspection.

    It is best to get all aspects covered to avoid future complications that may occur.

    Before beginning the inspection, your inspector should inquire whether there is anything in particular that concerns you.

    Tell the inspector if this is your first real estate purchase, if you're concerned about the house's age, or anything else that may strike you negatively as a buyer.

  • What are your credentials?
  • Before proceeding to hire them for the job, find out what their credentials are. You'll be able to tell if they're qualified for the job based on this.

    Different home inspection companies may have different credentials and follow different standards of practice. Be sure to do your own research about their credentials before proceeding to choose a home inspection company that best suits you and your new home.


    Questions to ask home inspector during inspection

  • What does that mean?
  • Your home inspector will walk through the entire house, visually analysing everything for indicators of a problem. He will point out things that aren't quite right or that need to be fixed, and also note them down in his report.

    Don't be afraid to ask the house inspector any questions you have about what they are telling you, and make sure you understand the problem and why it is important to rectify it.

    If the inspector says anything along the lines of, "Looks like you've got some rotten boards here," it's a good idea to ask him to explain what that implies, how tough it will be to fix and how much it will cost.

    Home inspectors follow a set of procedures when performing their inspections. Asking questions during the inspection may cause the house inspector to become distracted, causing him or her to miss more important items. Therefore, exercise discretion in asking questions during the inspection.

  • Is this a big or small issue?
  • For the vast majority of people, purchasing real estate is the most significant investment they will ever make. When your inspector informs you that the house has a foundation problem, a roof or water heater that has to be repaired, or an electrical appliance that needs fixing, it's natural to be concerned.

    Don't panic, just ask the inspector if he believes the problem is serious. Even if the adjustments or repairs sound severe, you'll be surprised to learn that most houses have similar concerns and that they're not deal-breakers.

    And what if it's a big deal? That is, after all, why you are having a home inspection done. You have the option of discussing it with the seller or simply walking away.

  • What’s causing the water spot?
  • Ask questions of which you are unsure and point out things that seem strange to you. The home inspector is obligated to explain them to you.

    If there's something unusual, chances are your inspector has noticed it and will investigate it thoroughly. If there's a watermark on the ceiling, for example, he might need to check it from the floor above to see if there’s a problem.

  • What are your concerns about this property?
  • The inspector should give you a broad summary of what he found at the end of the inspection. You'll get a formal report later, but find out what the inspector thinks the house's greatest problems are and whether they need to be investigated further.

    Note down a list of items that need to be handled by the seller or another building expert. Because there is a limited time period for house purchase negotiations, therefore you and your agent may want to get started right away.

    Your official home inspection report will go into greater depth, but by the time you leave the house that day, you should have a good idea of what's on it.


    Questions to ask the home inspector after inspection

  • Can you clarify this?
  • Hopefully, you were also there during the inspection and had the opportunity to ask questions. During the inspection, it may not be very convenient for the inspector to explain every detail due to the time limit allocated for the inspection service. However, after the inspection, do ask them to clarify more especially if it is a big-ticket item to repair.

    The home inspection report that will be passed on to you later on, should include what you discussed during the inspection, as well as images and other important information.

  • Should I call in another expert for a follow-up inspection?
  • If you feel that your home inspector has not done a good job with the inspection or failed to inspect a few areas of the house, (e.g: plumbing, electrical, etc), it would be best to hire the related professionals to double-check the property.

    If your electrical box is flagged by your inspector, you may need to hire an electrician to evaluate it and tell you what's wrong and how much it'll cost to fix it.

    What is the significance of this? If you decide to ask for a concession instead of having the seller remedy the problem, your real estate agent will present this bid of repair cost to the seller.

    Your inspector won't be able to provide you with this data, but he'll be able to tell you whether or not you need to call someone in.

    Questions to ask a home inspector for a condo

    If you're thinking about buying or renting a condo, here are some important considerations for would-be buyers or renters.

    The following is a condo inspection checklist to ensure that the property is up to standard.

    • Floors and ceilings of the property
    • Walls and windows of the condo
    • Kitchen and washrooms
    • The electrical system
    • The exteriors of the condo development
    • Condominium amenities on offer
    • The essential documents

    Home inspector in Malaysia

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    On the inspection day, there will be a lot to take in. As you walk about the house, millions of thoughts will race through your mind, and it will be difficult to ask all the questions you need to at that time.

    The best suggestion is to plan ahead of time for the inspection, jot down any questions you have, and keep track of your notes during the day.

    To allow the house inspector to do his work, ensure that your questions are not too many as they might overwhelm the inspector.

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