ServisHero: What Is It And How Does It Work?

Tue 12 Nov, 2021


Ever wished that there was a platform that offers household services like aircon maintenance, disinfection, defect inspection, etc. for you?

In Malaysia, a few popular brands like ServisHero can help you with this problem.

They connect customers with professionals such as handymen, general contractors, and cleaners so that specialists can handle their concerns.

Platforms like these make it easier for customers to avail integrated packages and get services without going through the hassle of selecting freelance professionals like plumbers, AC engineers, etc.

For example, if you want to get your house spotless for a move, you can place a request on their platform, and they will connect you with a suitable supplier to carry out that work. Therefore, they act as a middle man or a coordinator to help you save time looking for a contractor yourself.

To start, you can submit a request for a particular service, and these service providers will respond with a quote. You can then choose a professional you like based on their profiles to do the work.

The article looks at ServisHero and how you can use this platform for your household service needs.

What is ServisHero?

ServisHero was founded in 2015 and highlighted on CNN, Forbes, and the BBC as one of Southeast Asia's game-changing applications.

Karl Loo established ServisHero, a mobile service marketplace. This business is based in Malaysia. The company was founded due to an epiphany after Loo's search for a repairman for his air conditioner proved to be complicated.

He then decided to start a company that would make it simple for clients to find suppliers. Customers can use ServisHero for free, but suppliers must pay a fee to reply to requests.

The company aims to promote human productivity and connectedness, to uplift lives and enterprises throughout Southeast Asia. ServisHero has succeeded in democratizing access to digital marketing for small businesses.

Besides that, you don’t have to pay a single dime when you’re using ServisHero. There are no hidden costs or commitments when you utilise this app.

You have to download the ServisHero application and register for free to hire trustworthy Heroes to complete any task.

Once you’ve chosen your preferred professionals, you only have to make payments directly to the Heroes for their services. Even then, the costs are set at a reasonable price, with estimations given prior.

Furthermore, ServisHero has worked with many reputable businesses over the years, such as:


How does ServisHero work?

First, potential customers must download the ServisHero app from the App Store or Google Play and then complete a form. When they fill out the form with all the required information, the app will connect the customer's demands with a qualified provider.

These suppliers are referred to as the "hero”.

The heroes will then give a quotation for their work. Customers may check various bids and profiles before hiring the provider they believe is most suited to their needs.


Services offered by ServisHero

Services provided by ServisHero include:

ServisHero also provides the same type of services for enterprises, known as WorkMagic. They even have partnerships with well-known developers, which are Sime Darby and Gamuda Land, to provide the new home buyers with move-in packages that include cleaning and moving services.


Electrical repair and wiring



How do I become a Hero?

It’s pretty easy to become a part of the ServisHero community. You just have to follow these simple steps:

  • First, you can register on the ServisHero website to become a member of the League of Heroes.
  • You will then need to create your Hero profile once your email is verified.
  • Next, you will be directed to create a Hero profile that best describes your company and the services you offer.
  • When creating this profile, include a photo of yourself, your portfolio, and any professional qualifications that demonstrate your experience.
  • You'll be able to start using ServisHero and offer quotations for customer task requests once your account is verified.

How are they different from other service platforms in Malaysia?

ServisHero's primary benefit is that it empowers small companies by enhancing the economy and generating growth.

Therefore, its suppliers have a better chance of gaining leads instead of operating in a highly competitive market where clients have a wide range of options to choose from.

Another aspect that makes ServisHero different from others is that their app is user friendly and straight to the point.

For example, you can pick the services you want as soon as you start the app, and the form itself will tell you what information you need to supply.

Therefore, you save time trying to figure out what kind of information you'll need to supply to get the job done.

ServisHero will match your job request with the most appropriate Heroes and provide you with a quotation when you submit the form. This makes it easy to compare the different quotes and hire the Hero best suited to your requirements.

Money is always the most critical factor when it comes to paying for services, mainly since there is no set pricing range and it fluctuates depending on the service provider.

Each quotation you receive will include the Hero's profile, prior customer evaluations, a personal note, and a work estimate. You can then contact the Hero for further information.


How are they similar to other service platforms in Malaysia?

ServisHero and other service platforms are fast-growing Malaysian online firms that were founded to connect clients with service experts around the area.

They are accessible through mobile apps and websites. Furthermore, they provide services that you can’t go without in your day to day lives.

Here are some examples of the services you can obtain from the few big players in Malaysia:

  • Cleaning
  • Aircon service
  • Disinfection
  • Handyman
  • Home defect inspection
  • Electrical repairs
  • Plumbing, etc

ServisHero is the app to use if you seek a hassle-free and straightforward way to connect with service providers.

It has the potential to make a difference in the busy lives of people who want the most excellent service in a short amount of time, on an easy-to-use software platform, and at a reasonable price.

If you’re from Malaysia, Singapore, or Thailand, they are one of the most reputable providers with many Heroes who have already signed up with the platform.

How are they similar to other service platforms in Malaysia?

It is super easy to make a “job-to-be-done” request on ServisHero. Here are a few steps you can follow to create a “Call for Help”:

  • First, answer a few basic questions before submitting a 'Call for Help.'
  • Then, using site-specific data, pictures, and the specifics you offer, the appropriate Heroes will submit estimates for your request.

The next move is to compare the suppliers that match your request. Interested heroes will provide you with estimates that are tailored to your needs. Every quotation will include the following information:

  • Cost estimate for your work based on your request
  • Customer feedback from the past
  • Contact information
  • Personalized message for you

The last step is to hire the greatest Hero for the job. Then, with any queries or further information, you can quickly contact any of the Heroes via the ServisHero app.

Final Remarks

Various online platforms available in Malaysia help the end users connect to professionals for day-to-day service needs in their homes and offices. However, the choice can often be overwhelming.

When considering a platform, ensure that you pick one that offers a user-friendly app interface, has strong testimonials and positive client reviews, along with prompt customer service.

ServisHero is one of the leading platforms where you can find and hire local service experts for your home or workplace. By just filling a form on the app, you can hire the perfect Hero to save the day when you're ready.