Congratulations on your new Sime Darby home!

As part of your Move-In package, ServisHero is pleased to offer selected Sime Darby property purchased complimentary relocation and cleaning services

What's included in your Move-In Package?

ServisHero will take care of your first cleaning and relocation to your new home

9 Man-Hours of Cleaning Session
1 Moving trip with a 5 tonne lorry

A clean house to call home

9 Man-Hours of Professional Cleaning.

3 cleaners will be sent for 3 hours at no cost. You'll have an option to extend the cleaning session for an additional fee.

Every additional man hour will be charged at RM35. (e.g., extending the team by 1 hour = 3 X RM35). Cost includes all general cleaning supplies.

Cleaning must be booked with at least 3 days advance notice.

Service includes cleaning of:

  1. Bedrooms
  2. Bathrooms and toilets
  3. Kitchens
  4. Living room and balcony (if applicable)
  5. Interior windows and fans
  6. Cupboards and wardrobes
  7. General areas with sweeping, mopping, dusting, tidying up, vacuuming and scrubbing of floors

Relocate your belongings safely

1 Moving Trip with a 5 Tonne Lorry.

Moving team will be comprise of a minimum of 3 helpers. Each trip must originate and end in the Klang Valley. For jobs that will need more than 1 trip, additional charges will apply. Our experts will advise.

Service includes moving:

  1. Items from property to lorry
  2. Full lorry to destination
  3. Items from lorry to property

Additional charges: Boxes can be purchased at RM15 per box. Protective wrapping for large items will be provided at RM25 per item. Moving from/to houses larger than 3 stories, with no elevator, will be charged an additional RM100 per floor. Complimentary furniture disassembly of 1 queen/king bed & 1 wooden closet. Additional furniture assembly will be charged at RM50 per item.

Moving must be booked with at least 3 days advance notice.

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