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Plan Ahead for Chinese New Year

Planning for Chinese New Year involves two main themes – dusting your house of last year’s bad luck and preparing the home to welcome all the good luck for the new year.

It’s a time of bustling energy, high spirits and many happy reunions. But, the preparation itself can consume a lot of your time if you don’t plan ahead for it. With about 3 weeks left to Chinese New Year, here’s some of the things you should make sure you tick off your list before the celebration kicks off.



1.Decorating your home

Chinese New Year decorations use calligraphy, lanterns and plants to express hopes for happiness and prosperity. By keeping the house filled with auspicious symbols, the hope is that the family living inside will be surrounded by good fortune throughout the coming year. So, start laying out the lanterns, the paper cuttings, the New Year paintings and the kumquat trees to decorate your home.



2. Stock your pantry

If you have family arriving for a traditional reunion dinner, you will be dedicating most of your New Year’s Eve cooking in the kitchen. In order to serve a delicious spread of multi-generational family meal, you will need your pantry to be rich with ingredients too. A last minute shopping trip can turn disastrous if you fail to find the desired ingredient for your dishes – so make a shopping list and start stocking up now.



3.Wear Red

While it’s okay to shy away from red for the rest of the year, there’s no escaping the tradition of wearing red during Chinese New Year. The colour red is believed by the Chinese to be auspicious and will help to ward off evil spirits and bad fortune. If you’re of the type that usually avoids this fiery shade, be sure to go shopping (online or otherwise) to make sure your outfit for the occasion is taken care of.



4. Settle your account

The notion of spring cleaning extends to financial affairs and personal squabbles. Make sure to pay off your credit cards, settle any outstanding debts and make peace with that  annoying person in your life. Getting your mind and body ready for the new year is important so make peace with the past, get a fresh new look and buy a new set of clothes to replace any bad thoughts with optimism.



5. Clean your home top to bottom

Cleaning rids your home of last year’s troubles and helps you put your best foot forward for the next year. Paint your home, mend your clothes, make repairs, sweep and scrub every nook and cranny. Remember that there’s no cleaning allowed on New Year’s Day as it sweeps away good luck, so break out your sponges and get to work now. If you’re feeling overwhelmed with your chores, request trusted service providers from ServisHero to help you out.

Don’t wait any longer to start your Chinese New Year preparation. Start doing them today and if you need a hand, our Heroes are here to help you out.