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COVID-19 Professional Disinfection Services for Home and Office

Viruses and bacteria can contaminate the air and linger on surfaces for days - regular household-grade disinfectants will only provide immediate and temporary protection. We offer our Professional Disinfection Services, utilising Chlorine Dioxide - ClO² Gas, Benzalkonium Chloride, Hydrogen Peroxide or Lactic Acid-based Disinfecting Cleaner - Professional Disinfection provides longer-term protection. Our solutions are non-toxic and safe for environments with babies and pets.

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Why Get Professional Disinfection Done?

Regular Disinfectants Protect Only Momentarily- Our professional system lasts for months

Viruses and Germs like Coronavirus can linger on surfaces for up to 6 days

We only utilise professional-grade disinfectant solutions

Instant elimination of infectious diseases on treated surfaces

The Professional Disinfection Process by ServisHero

Full onsite vulnerability assessment

Sealing and protection of exposed electrical points

Bio-fogging, misting or electrostatic distribution of pro-grade disinfectant

Issuance of completion certification & report

(If required & extra fee applies)

Enjoy a longer-term virus-free space

Who Would Benefit from Professional Disinfection Services:


Elderly Care Facilities


Office Buildings

Any space where safety must be assured

Frequently Asked Questions

Disinfection Misting and Fogging is recommended to achieve maximum disinfectant coverage. Hard to reach places will be disinfected. Professional teams with experienced in dealing with COVID-19 infection sites are recommended to prevent exacerbation of virus presence. Disinfection2U teams have decontaminated millions of square feet of COVID-19 impacted premises.\n\nOur service is recommended to achieve a baseline virtually-0% virus/bacteria contamination in a space, before regularly-scheduled “basic wipedown” SOPs are continued – foundational professional disinfection reduces potential cross contamination by subsequent cleaners undertaking regular wipedowns.
We use treatments that are safe to humans including babies. For more information about the ingredients of our treatments, please download our Product Information Sheet. Different treatments will be used according to your situation or availability of treatments – we do guarantee 99.9% effectiveness of all our treatments.
Application time will take approximately 1 hour (including site setup) for every 5,000 square feet (460sqm). After application, 2 hours curing time is recommended. Talk to us to get an accurate time estimation – we’ll be able to deploy larger teams for large scale disinfection that could reduce treatment time.\n\nClients will be asked to vacate their properties during the entire process. Only personnel with appropriate PPE will be allowed onsite during the disinfection process.
Absolutely – whilst we specialise in providing services to leading organisations, our product is well suited to be used in household settings including landed properties and condominiums.
All our technicians wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) during the disinfection process. This is for their own protection as well as to reduce risk of cross-confirmation to client site.
Our teams comply with recommended government guidelines in addition to our enhanced Disinfection2U best practices. Specifically in Singapore, our team complies with NEA guidelines, and in Australia we comply with Ministry of Health recommendations. As the Covid-19 situation rapidly develops we update our processes as required.
Different types of areas require different levels of chemical concentration in our treatment. In addition, extra protection measures are implemented on confirmed sites. We must increase the chemical use for confirmed/suspect Covid-19 areas to ensure proper treatment.
We can provide services in Greater Klang Valley and Johor Bahru in Malaysia. New locations are available from time to time. Internationally, we are available in Australia, Thailand, Singapore too.
Our solutions are certified to eliminate 99.99% of Virus and Bacteria from leading research and testing institutions. If required by our clients, we can provide a certificate to prove that the area has been treated by Our disinfection specialists have more than 15 years industry experience. For certifications, please contact us.
We try to confirm an appointment as soon as possible. During government movement restrictions, we appreciate your patience in confirming a time.
Yes, we are considered an Essential Service and can operate during the MCO.

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