House Defect Inspection Service in Malaysia

Protect your biggest investment

Inspecting your new home for defects doesn’t have to be complicated.

At ServisHero, we can assure you of the quality of your new home or renovation work with our team of building professionals. Without a proper inspection, you could end up having to pay thousands in repair bills down the line.

What is Home Defect Inspection (HDI)?

This new house defect inspection is carried out after you receive keys to a new home or after major renovation work to ensure that things are as they should be.

During the handover process of new properties, you’ll have an opportunity to highlight defects the developer or contractor must rectify. Without a professional to help, you may miss out on major defects that could cost you thousands to fix later.

Ensure that your new home/renovated space is safe before you decide to move in.

What’s included in our HDI?

Intensive Inspection by qualified building professionals

Detailed inspection report by qualified building professionals

Guarantee for damage resulting from unidentified defect

Professional Certificate of HDI (“Perfect Home” Certificate)

Read more about what is included in a home defect inspection and why you need it to understand HDI better.

Home defect inspection (HDI) services include checking for:

Structural concerns

Walls, flooring and ceiling

Water leakage issues

Electrical wiring, switches, DB Box

Kitchen fittings and concerns

Toilet fixtures and water flow issues


Other building defects

Check out the complete list of house defect inspection services provided by us here.

Who can use our HDI?

New Home Owners (New Developments or Second-hand Properties)

Property Developers who wish to provide assurance to customers

Property Agents

Tenants who wish to make sure their new home is in top shape

Owners who have renovated their house

Airbnb and commercial hotel complexes

Guest houses

Student accommodations

Home Defect Inspection Service Process

Step 1:

Kitchen fittings and Book Appointment for House Inspection.

Step 2:

Get an onsite inspection by our qualified inspectors.

Step 3:

Get a detailed home defect report for further action.

Why engage ServisHero to perform a Home Defect Inspection?

Save Money

Save yourself from potentially hundreds of thousands dollars from damage that can be rectified by a Developer during the Defects Liability Period.

Professional Assistance

Get professional assistance to identify problems during Vacant Possession and the Defects Inspection Period.

Peace of Mind

Receive peace of mind before committing to a property purchase.


Ensure that renovations were done correctly

Increase in Value

Potentially increase the value of your property with a certification that it is free from major defects.


Identify safety hazards to protect your family.

On-site Briefing

At the end of the inspection, property owners are provided immediate verbal reports (defect summary) on identified issues.

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Frequently Asked Questions

HDI is a service where a professional building will inspect your home for major defects. These defects could include: obvious structural concerns, flooring, walls, leaking, electrical, ceiling, and other building defects.
HDI will include a thorough inspection of the following areas detailed here. If you’re interested to find out more, read our article What is included in the home defect inspection and why do you need it?
All our inspectors have at least 3 years of experience in building and construction. Every inspector will be required to pass our thorough qualifications and skills vetting process.
  • High Rise - RM599 (below 2000 sqft)
  • Landed house - RM699 (below 2000 sqft)
  • RM 0.40/sqft (above 2000 sqft)
  1. Inspection Services by an experienced building professional - including 1 house visit
  2. Detailed HDI Report,
  3. Perfect Home Certificate (subject to HDI pass)
Perfect Home certification assures that the home that is free from material defects, By achieving this recognition, You will be entitled to a certificate to show that the house is in perfect condition
Our standard HDI charges are based on inspections that can be carried out in one trip. If subsequent inspection trips are required, additional charges will apply.

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